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Jeremy Gilley and Jude Law


Watch the documentary Peace One Day.

It’s a documentary about Jeremy Gilley’s journey to create Peace Day – a day of global cease fire.

At first, Gilley does not believe he will succeed.  His goal is simply to build a compelling story of how apathetic the world has become.

He starts with speaking with UN officials to see if there is support for the notion and what would be required. He begins with speaking to Sikirin Pendergast, Undersecretary general for political affairs at the UN to find out what would be required for the process.

Support of many influential leaders is the foundation of the answer.  So Gilley moves on to talking with leaders in war torn regions of Africa, travelling in through Nairobi, with support of the United Nations.

There’s a plan in plan and then again there isn’t. Like most great endeauvors, Gilley feels his way into the next situation, planning the next steps based on what happened at the last encounter.

As I watch the documentary I recall the words of an early mentor of mine. “You have to push the rope in the middle, Teresa.”

“Seriously?” I’m in disbelief. “What fool would push on a rope?

“Push the rope in the middle and run like hell,” he repeats. “The ends of the rope will always follow.”

An image forms in my mind of what he’s saying. “Find the people who agree with you. Forget the opponents. Just gathers those who want to help and move forward powerfully. The rest will eventually be dragged along for the ride.”

The highly influential know, there is no gold in trying to convince the nay-sayers. Gather supporters and run like hell towards your goal. It starts with strong relationships.