“Step on the gas. Brake straight. Turn early. Turn early. Turn early. Slow down. Slow
down. Slow down to speed up.”

I used to chant this mantra in my head as I would wail my car around a tight course
doing auto-slalom. The principles were taught to me by some of the best drivers in
North America (one of the fun privileges in being a women in a male dominated sport).

The principles have all stuck with me as ones by which to live my life.

I give myself permission to step on the gas and move forward into my passion. I brake
when I see a course correction coming and I brake in a straight line, before I turn. I turn
the car before the turn comes. And most importantly, truly the thing that separates a
good driver from a National Champion, I slow down in order to speed up.

It’s so obvious when you’re watching someone else move toward their dream.

But think about the last time you made yourself so busy you started loosing site of the
important things – your health, your relationships.

You get that sinking feeling any you know. Your car is off the pavement. You’re in full
spin. You step on it trying to regain control. Grass is flying everywhere. Dear God,
where are the concrete barriers?

You knuckles are fully white on the steering wheel when the car spins to a full stop.
Everyone’s face watching has a knowing expression. They saw it coming long before
you did.

Today’s tip.

Slow down to speed up.