Reposted from my friend David Thomas who is doing some really interesting work…  –  What is the mystery of the Perkl-Light?  How is it that this little device with a computer inside makes an energy that feels just like chi?  The Perkl-Light Portable Energy Spa engages your body’s energy to boost your life force, and balance your energy field.  In an informal “before and after” study by Dr. Beverly Rubik, founder of the Frontier Sciences Institute, two subjects were exposed to the “clarity” setting on the Perkl-Light for 20 minutes each.  The results, measured on her GDV camera, were “remarkable, comparable to doing an hour of yoga or qi gong.”  The Perkl-Light has settings for chakras, organs, acupuncture meridians, body systems, ayurvedic, and much more.  Additionally, there is a setting for clearing negativity out of crystals, objects or a room.  And with literally millions of settings available in the manual mode, gifted intuitives can find settings to generate a field for a vast number of energetic intentions.  Most of all – you don’t have to take our word for it that it is doing something.  The Perkl-Light is powerful enough that most people can feel the sensations in their body, even if they do not consider themselves sensitive to energy.