I was praying that no one would out-bid me as I bought two Belinda Fireman pieces for a dollar less than all the money I had in my wallet.  Everyone laughed when I admitted that after the auction closed.  It’s simply the most fun you can have on a Wednesday night in Calgary.  And Belinda and I shared a hug; I’m such a HUGE fan of her work!

You can smell the oils and pastel dust in the air as the artists work furiously, laughing and looking for feedback as their pieces emerge.  The buyers walk around the room, in jeans and T-shirts wondering which pieces they could get to make their homes suddenly have character.    It’s standing room only, and everyone is having an amazing time!

Not surprisingly, within only a few weeks of opening,  the Wednesday night Gorilla House Art Battle is so packed it almost difficult to get into the place.  Artists love the thrill of the competition, art lovers love to watch with excitement and sit in hopes of getting an amazing piece at an amazing price when the paintings are auctioned off at the close.  The Gorilla House represents the dream of one man – Rich Theroux.  A dream to bring build fun and community around Calgary’s thriving arts community.

It’s a simple truth – passion is contagious.  And Rich Theroux’s passion for what he’s doing is as infectious as it comes.  Word of mouth is simply spreading like wildfire with this kind of fuel to the flames.