Self Reflection 2


Attack thoughts.

Everyone has them.

Those things you tell yourself in your moments of self doubt.

I have them as much as the next person. When I’m putting myself out there in a bigger way, speaking on a bigger stage, taking on a bigger game, suddenly my attack thoughts are there. Warning me of the impending disaster.

It’s all very serious stuff.  Oooh scaarrry kids!

Your attack thoughts do more than undermine your confidence. They undermine your influence.

As you spend time focusing on your own self doubt, you focus inward on your own self interest. Your inner dialogue becomes different than the words coming out of your mouth.  You become inauthentic.

Consider that it’s not so serious. Consider that it’s really all quite funny. The stuff we do to ourselves when our palms sweat and our stomach churns. All in the name of making a bigger difference in the world.

It really all is just a game.

Are you having fun yet?