This one is on a personal note to say thank you.   My mother is doing much better after a challenging few months and your prayers and warm wishes have been deeply appreciated.

Sweet Marie

Sweet Marie

Many of you know I have a special relationship with Mom.  She’s 92 and a complete dynamo.  As the youngest of nine, Mom is quite a bit older than me.  So as a kid, I sometimes felt the disconnect of having a Mom who was a generation older than my friend’s mothers.  As an adult, the significance of that has become precious to me.

Mom was a career woman in the 50s, when it was unheard of to be a career woman.  The role model she has been to me is profound and many of my strengths come from her – as a business owner and someone who deeply cares about making a difference in the lives of others.

One of the most profound things she’s reconnected me with this month is resiliency.  As a struggling child, Mom would always tell me “it’s a good thing you’re so good at doing such hard things.”

Now I’ve become an adult who sees the joy in doing the challenging.

How much will I let the setbacks in life stop me?  A few issues at work pale in comparison to watching how Mom deals with two failed hip replacements.   With severe osteoporosis, the pins have been powdering through her bones.  It hasn’t stopped her.  With each new surgery, her resolve gets stronger.  She vents a bit, moves past it and her determination renews.

And just when I thought it was not possible to love her any more, my love for her deepens. 

She lives the most profound lesson of all – it’s not what you’re doing in life that truly matters.   It’s who you’re being when you do it.

With deep gratitude for all the support.