OK, it sounds a bit odd, but in this day and age when people are overwhelmed with paper and emails, try setting aside some time to connect, either in person or on the phone, with those few friends and colleagues who are most important to you.

That’s not to poo poo Christmas cards or the every cute slide decks people send around, but stop for a moment and think about who has supported, or could support you most, in creating the miracles you truly want to create in your life next year.   Pick your top few and take a moment to connect with these folks.   Here’s the simple recipe for a call or voice mail:

  1. Thank them for inspiring you and touching your life.
  2. Let them know you value their friendship and support. and
  3. Let them know you’re there for them if there’s any small thing you can do.

A gesture of this sort sows the seeds for a relationship of reciprocal energy flowing back and forth.   Try it and watch what the next year brings.