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Jhonny K had a heartfelt post on his facebook page this morning.

As one of Utahs most beloved recording artists (and rapidly gaining in popularity), Jhonny K has taken a stand against one of Utahs most growing problems in teens – youth suicide.  Teen suicide in Utah is at an all time high and Jhonny has been facing it squarely down planning a free concert series in high schools.

Hundreds of supporters have gotten behind Jhonny and Arise Suicide Prevention and circulated a kick-starter campaign to raise the capital to pay for the tour.  And the campaign has attracted some complainants.  Enough to spur Jhonny to post a heartfelt “Give me a break” post this morning on facebook.

The sad truth is, the bigger you play, the more you will attract haters.  Martin Luther King Jr. and Ghandi died over their willingness to stand up and be of service to a greater cause.  Some people are so in pain over their own lack of inspiration in life that all they can do is tear down others around them in a feeble attempt to feel better.

In the words of New York Times Bestselling author Randy Gage “If you’re not attracting any haters, you’re not standing for anything.”

So my one tip today – keep the faith and play big.  The hatred of others is not about you.

And if you’re inspired and want to help save a few lives in Utah’s youth, please help Jhonny K and Arise Suicide prevention out.  Click here to make a donation and pick up an Album from the tour.  My teenagers and I think Jhonny is one of the hottest rising stars in music.  LOVE his work.