There’s a moment when you can see your results as a trainer.  Invariably you come back to a city a few years after being there last and meet people you haven’t seen in a few years.

Sometimes it’s a really sweet moment, when someone tells me how I’ve impacted their life.  I had two such a moment yesterday.   The first was when one of my students recounted where they were a few years ago and how much working through the week to week modules of my advanced course had shifted everything in how they work.  They were now an internationally known best-selling author and fully on-fire.  Their regret was not starting sooner, when we had first met.

I also had the second, more familiar experience as a trainer yesterday.  Someone who had heard me speak two years ago approached me.  They had liked my content then and liked it now.  But somehow nothing had changed for them.  All the same reasons were still in place.  Not enough time and resources to move forward.

The sad truth for most trainers is that we know 85% of the people we teach will love the content, walk away, and never take a single action.  They’ll never implement the daily routine they need, never enroll in a single other training course.  It’s a lot like wanting to be a Doctor and never going to med school. Although I’ve seen even the slowest of students achieve great results with consistent committed action, the sad truth is that reasons for inaction is more commonly what I see.

The only difference between those who do and those who don’t is action.  So here’s your two-year test.

1.  Write down your dream of where you’d like your life to get to.

2. write down how far along that path you were  two years ago vs. where you are today.

3. Compare the difference.

If you’re not taking action, you won’t get there.  So choose and move.  It’s the best gift you will ever give yourself.