It’s coming tonight!  Wherever you live around the world, a global call has been put out to shut down your energy use for one hour at 8:30 PM.  This rolling movement across the earth will save electricity and allow people everywhere to voice their support for creating a balanced and harmonious planet.

On the home front Earth Hour provides something even more powerful!

For one hour, Earth Hour provides one of the best opportunities you will ever get for PURE UNADULTERATED FUN, CONNECTING WITH YOUR LOVED ONES!

I invite you all to post ideas here about how to make this a fantastic hour with those you love.

Here’s my list to start!  All of these activities can be done by candle light in your livingroom.   You can even make a blanket tent if you have young kids (or if you’re a kid at heart like me) and want to make it more fun!

  1. Play  “If I could do anything I would be, do or have. . .”   This is a great game to help you see what’s in the hearts of those you love.  Their deepest desires will start coming out, and you will see a whole new side of people you love.   It gives you the opportunity to show them what they could achieve! You can  brainstorm how to help them achieve these things.
  2. Another variation on this game is  “If I could create two miracles in the world, one for myself and one for the world, I would. . .”
  3. Play the gratitude game.  Everyone gets to say the things they are most grateful for in life.  Set a target and see if you can come up with enough things to hit that number.  When you do, reward yourself in some way.  It’s a great time to break out the “raw food” party snacks you prepared earlier to celebrate the event!

Let’s keep the list going, you are invited to post your ideas here!