It’s a little known secret that embracing the word “no” can be one of the top factors in bringing in more sales.

Pop Quiz – When someone flat out tells you “no”,  you:

a) bluntly tell them to get lost;

b) politely excuse yourself while mentally noting to call block them; or

c) Use your Iphone for a purpose that it was not intended to get them to leave you alone.

Yes, we all know how annoying someone “pushy” can be.  But check your own energy.  If you’re not ready to hear a “no”, it’s not OK for you to ask.  It’s one of the easiest points to forget in sales.   But giving your leads the full right to say “no” allows you to convert them into a possible friend.  And guess where most of your leads come from?

“No” does not mean you have lost.  Preserve your prospects and be happy with hearing the word “no”.  Consider these people as possible future allies and friends that are part of the winning team around you.