How do you turn your message into a global movement?

P4090104That was the conversation in the Brain Booster section of a recent Evolutionary Business Council (EBC) collaborative call with: Kevin Gangel, Judy van Niekerk, Tim Emerson  and Charmaine Hammond.  Here are some of the strategies that came up during the call.

  • The message must be clear, consistent and easy for others to repeat.
  • Have a message that is supported by passion — you must be willing to be known for it, and to talk about/repeat it endlessly (far more than a brand or slogan).
  • The message must stand out and cause people to pay attention. Some may not agree with the message but movements are created by a strong message.
  • In fact, it’s *important* to polarize… if you don’t, you’re not appealing to everyone – you’re appealing to no one. Be okay with the fact not everyone will join your movement…that’s okay!
  • Get started… the movement doesn’t have to be perfect, but it must get started. Perhaps start with a five part blog series, or a series of social media posts i.e… take imperfect action, now!
  • Look for ways to enrol people in the message (not salesy but in your conversation) such as a workshop, a series of podcasts or articles or a teleseminar.
  • Best is something that helps them make the decision they’re facing … i.e., your offer is a no-brainer helpful necessity, not candy.
  • Create a media campaign around your message and movement. Strategy *before* tactics.
  • The EBC is a powerful source of support to expand your message globally.  You can dedicate a day, for example: November 24 2014 Judy van Niekerk has proclaimed as the Celebrate your Challenges day.
  • Use video as a means of sharing the message, and encouraging conversation and sharing of the message.
  • Focus on a couple of things instead of making your message and mission too broad – Again, strategy before tactics.
  • Talk to one person, then another, then another… People share messages and this helps build the relationship. Even globally, it’s about relationship… if it’s not, it’s not a relevant message (to the recipient’s perception).
  • Explore ways to enrol others in sharing your content (e.g. delivering your presentations/ workshops/ programs)
  • Linked In Groups.
  • Be a trusted resource.
  • When creating memes and photos, use yourself and people in your circle in the photo (instead of using clip art or purchasing photos). Create compelling, interesting, photos that spark conversation.
  • Ensure your engagement with others is authentic, from the heart and consistent.

As you begin to plan how you will turn your message into a global movement consider these questions….

1) What is your message?

2) Who is your message for?

3) What am I trying to cause with my message?

4) Where will I share this message?

5) How will I engage others? How will this message be shared?

6) When will I launch this message and movement?

7) What problem does this solve?

Details about the contributors can be found at Evolutionary Business Council.