It’s Thanksgiving in the US next week.  And regardless of whether you’re reading this in Canada (and wondering why I mention it with Thanksgiving long past) or in the US (and visions of turkey stuffing just came into your head), you should as a business care about this fact.

Thanksgiving is about gratitude.  So it’s the perfect time for solidifying business relationships.  One thing Shawne Duperon (check out teaches is the power of using food to solidify the most important relationships in your life and business.

Shawne is one of the worlds leading authorities on how to generate a real and lasting relationship with media. When Shawne and I first met at an event, we instantly connected.  I had seen one of her articles about using food as a fun way to solidify a friendship, so the next week, I found an on-line cheese store and couriered her some Colby Jack cheese.

Those of you who’ve heard Shawne speak know that she tells a very touching story of an early care-giver who used to treat her to Colby Jack.  Even before the cheese arrived, a parcel from Shawne showed up at my door with hot chocolate and cookie mixes to bake with my daughters.

We called each other and had a great laugh and have been best of friends ever since.  Shawne’s mentorship and friendship is one of the main reasons I am now a best-selling author.

So here are some fun things you can do to solidify your relationship capital this US Thanksgiving.


  1. Who are your most important US contacts right now (suppliers, clients, people who could help promote your business through word of mouth)?
  2. Send the top three a quick Thanksgiving card or parcel with some food (e.g. a piece of chocolate) and let them know you’re grateful to them.


PS.  Shawne, there are some of your favorite dried apples coming your way to send you energy during your launch or your Insider’s Guide to Media next week.