MomI have a tendency to worry.  I inherited it from my Mother.  If you follow my posts, you’ll know Mom and I are close. I got my love of learning and connecting with people from her.

She’s been struggling lately with health and and bit of memory loss.  So I called her this morning.

She takes a full minute to respond on the phone. I wait. She answers depleted.

I say “Hi little Mother, how are you?”

“Not good,” she says. “I’ve done something bad, I can’t remember what it is.”

“Awe,” I say. “Do you need some help worrying?”

“Yes,” she says quietly, sounding deflated.

So we worry. We start with worrying about the world (it’s in a terrible state, you know!). Then we worry about her children. Something is surely wrong with at least one of the nine. Then we worry about her grand kids and great grand kids (They have lots going on, so surely there are problems happening everywhere).

Then we worry that it’s breakfast time and her porridge might get cold. She laughs. Then she starts to giggle uncontrollably. I giggle along with her. And suddenly all my worry is gone too. My worry about my business, or my kids or most importantly my worry about my Mom.

I learned this technique from my brother Ed. Worry is a huge time and energy consumer. And the more you resist it the worse it gets.

So your mission today, should you choose to accept it, is to phone someone you love and worry your little heart out about anything you can think about, until the worry is gone.  Then get in action on your dreams.

It’s really that simple.