By: Karen Rowe

I was visiting a close friend recently and we got to talking about listening to intuition and ‘looking for signs’ about being on the right path.

He is stuck working a job he loathes and his creative talents as an artist and musician have not yet fully been realized.

He was sitting at his computer one day, frustrated, trying to ponder his fate and eating a bag of pretzels. He was lost deep in thought –as we tend to be in these types of situations—and mindlessly shoving pretzels into his mouth.

“Should I really follow this dream? I just don’t know.”


“Oh I should probably just become a lawyer or a doctor or something normal…”


“It seems so impractical to follow this dream now, in my 30s…”


“I just wish I knew whether or not I was on the right path.”

And he looked down and in his hand from the bag of pretzels he was eating was this:

It was a freaking treble clef! I mean, what are the chances? The sign was so clear, and literally right in front of his nose. So, my question is: are you listening to your intuition and seeing the signs? Or are you choosing to turn a blind eye?

My challenge to you this week is to see what your intuition is leading you to write.

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Karen Rowe is an Author & Writing Strategist