Have you ever been asking for something only to find it was in front of you the entire time and you didn’t realize it?It happens. You get into a habit or routine and you overlook something so obvious.

When working with my clients, we discuss how to attract new clients, brainstorm new revenue streams, and identify resources to create new passive streams of income.  One of the first steps we take is to review what is already in their life.

The next time you are overwhelmed because you think you need to create something new or complete a task yourself, consider these tried-and-true steps:

1. Ask Yourself One Question. This simple question can give you the answer and the answer is a lot closer to home than you might think. When I was looking for a new assistant, I sat for a moment and asked, “Who is in my life right now?” Almost instantly, a former coworker came to mind. One phone call later, I had my assistant hired.

2. Utilize Existing Resources. If you’re a member of a networking organization, you are likely not utilizing all of the resources available to you, including advertising and marketing. Refresh your knowledge by attending your organization’s next orientation. They likely improved or added member resources that you’ve been needing, but overlooked.

3. Dust Off What Has Already Been Created. If you have a tendency to re-create the wheel, stop yourself and look at what has already been developed. When brainstorming with a client who had a training practice on how to create a product, she instantly remembered a training program she had just sitting in a folder. With a few modifications to the curriculum, she instantly and effortlessly developed a new revenue stream for her business.

4. Take Action. Have you been asking for a solution and received multiple messages, but ignored them by not making a decision or taking action because you didn’t want to spend the money on yourself or your business? If you’re seeing multiple signs, the solution may be as simple as taking action. Stopping yourself interrupts the cycle of reciprocity and the flow of your business. Once you decide and take action, watch how the flow begins again.

The most complex need or request can easily be solved by asking a simple question, making a decision, or taking one small step. With the internet, your answer is one connection away.  The next time you are faced with a problem or challenge, look around. Your solution is closer than you realize.

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