Fred has a passion for bringing green products to the planet. He is a very spiritual person and feels strongly about living by intuition and “going with the flow”. So when something gets hard, he takes it as a sign that he’s moving in the wrong direction. As a result, in two years he has made little progress on bringing his passion to the world. His “flow” has little force or direction.

We’ve all known people like this. So take a look in the mirror and ask yourself “am I mistaking comfortable apathy for going with the flow?”

Consider an alternate possibility. What if the hard things in your life are simply there as markers to test the courage of conviction to your passion? What if the challenges are simply there to help grow you to the size of your dreams? What if the difficulty you perceive is simply your ego giving you reason to stay within your comfort zone and not change?

The emotional energy of having the courage to follow your dreams, regardless of how difficult they may appear, is the number one thing that will inspire others to support you and create your wildfire word of mouth.

Today’s tip: Notice the next time you hear yourself saying the words “going with the flow” and check in on whether or not the “flow” is truly taking you to the world you want to live in.