Emotion is money – The quickest way to improve your bottom line.

Pop Quiz – you want to increase the level at which you convince people and close deals. You:

a) Add several new points to compel people to get on board;
b) Look super confident so people will listen; or
c) Ask people what’s important to them and focus on their needs?

We’ve all met pushy sales people. If you answered yes to either point (a) or (b) above then look in the mirror. Other people may see you as the pushy sales person. The reality is that pushing does not get nearly the results that being a magnet and drawing people towards you will.

You know you can read other people’s emotional energy. You’ve done it a million times. So face it – people can read yours. When your emotion is all about you and your need to close the deal, you will push people away from you. Fear, desire, nervousness, ambition – all of these emotions have one thing in common. They are all focused on you.

The top thing you can do to tap into the emotion of selling? Focus on them and their needs. They’ll read you like a book and want to know the ending.