Influence can be elusive.  What  makes some people sparkle so that people just want to follow their every word; while others can’t seem to draw respect no matter what they do?

Since working on the movie Project Forgive with my best friend Shawne Duperon, my life has changed.  The daily frustrations still crop up.  I have to forgive myself for messing up on a radio interview or being too ascertive on a business call;  or forgive myself for being single when I suddenly realize that a full propane tank for the barbeque is a lot tougher to get out of the car than the empty one was to get in.  Self-forgiveness has always been a challenge for me; a trait I inherited from my Mother.

What’s changed is how aware I have become of my own self-forgiveness conversation.  How long I take to beat myself up and get to the question of self-forgiveness is the only thing standing in my way.  The radio mistakes can quickly become my knowledge of how to do a better interview; the propane tank I can’t lift off my garage fIoor can become a good excuse to invite friends over for a barbeque.

The truth is, I’m coming face to face with the fact that my own humanity, my own wonderful assortment of flaws, is what makes me so powerful in relationships.  My own inner game has been such a journey for me, I get other people’s struggles.

In being open and honest about who you are, struggles and all, you give people permission to fall in love with your humanity.  It is not a denial of your personal power, but rather an acceptance that your personal struggles and “flaws” may just be a gift you were given that is part of your power.

What if your humanity, and the journey to become truly present to all those blind spots and flaws is the powerful part of you?  Can you imagine a life where you had never had to overcome a single personal weakness?  Where is the peace if there has never been conflict.  Where is the joy if you’ve never understood grief or loss?  Moving through forgiveness or self-forgiveness quickly puts your focus back where you are powerful – with your focus on others, not yourself.

I love my flaws.  Each and every one of them has helped me become more present to who I really am.

So Project Forgive has become something a lot more personal to me than just the making of a documentary.  It has become a wonderful journey.  It’s been amazing watching the video on go viral.  Although I teach how to create word of mouth epidemics, I’ve never seen anything like this.  It’s gone viral across the globe on every channel imaginable.  We have been flooded with support and stories of people overcoming great things.

Perhaps it is simply time for this conversation; that forgiveness of others and of ourselves is simply the most powerful thing you can do to lead a happy, successful, influential, on-fire life.

Want to come join us in this adventure?   Just grab a tissue and watch the video.   You’ll be glad you did.