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This is a tough topic for me.  I’m a recovering conflict avoider. And what happens in business reflects what happens in personal life.

Authenticity is the agreement of your inner voice and your outer voice.  So if someone is treating you with disrespect, or you consistently don’t agree with what they advocate, there’s a point that walking away is appropriate.  Creating influence includes discernment of who you should be in relationship with – whether it’s your following, colleagues or personal relationships.

When you can walk away in a mindset of love and respect, respect that you and they are just not a fit, you are walking towards authenticity and personal power.

Some points to check in on.

1.  Have you pointed it out and they are still disrespectful?

2.  Are you endorsing someone whose views or behaviours you don’t agree with?

Bottom line – Does it feel bad? If respectful dialogue didn’t address it, it may be time to walk away.