She is beautiful at the age of 88 – right down to her soul.   When you meet her you know she loves learning because she will chat enthusiastically about any passion a visitor has.   Yet what I love most about her is her smile.   Marie grew up, the eldest child of Irish Canadian parents, on a rural Ontario farm.  She shouldered responsibility young, leaving home at the tender age of seven to live closer to school. Then at the age of twelve, she left home again to help a favorite Aunt care for her baby twins.  Can you  imagine the courage it takes a child to leave home?  Yet Marie always smiles looking back on it with only happy memories.

When I was a child, she used to sing to me “When Irish Eyes are Smiling”.  I’d see the love in her eyes and I did not need to ask her what the song meant.  Even amidst the toils of caring for my two ailing Grandmothers and her nine children – I was a handful as the youngest  –  she found time each day to spread cheer and love.  At bedtime, fully spent from her day, she’d often doze off while reading to my sister Flo and me.  We’d prod her awake to finish the story and she’d always laugh at her fatigue.

Recently I finished reading Marci Shimoff’s book “Happy for No Reason”1.  It’s a MUST READ!  Throughout the book, I kept seeing my mother.  She has always made caring for body and soul a priority – even in the midst of the chaos of running a household of twelve.   She could easily have been in Marci’s book.  When Mom smiled at others, she taught me how to send them a wish for happiness.  In that smile, her soul always shone through your eyes.  It is in these moments that I remember that how I respond to life is a constant choice.  Happiness is not about the challenges we’re thrown, but about the choices we make of how we respond to them.   So today – and everyday – my Irish eyes will be smiling.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Mom!   I love you.

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1. Marci’s book is a MUST READ!  Order it now at