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There is nothing more bonding to a community than the heroism that rises amidst disaster.  As I write this, families all over Calgary and Southern Alberta are evacuating one of the worst floods in our history.  Even the high-rise buildings in our downtown core are being evacuated as flood control dykes are over-capacity and sand bag crews are working tirelessly.

Every few minutes I get another phone call, text or email from people around the world checking if I’m OK.

So let me start by saying, yes I’m fine.  Other than a bit of fatigue from mopping,  I’m on high ground with nothing more than water in my garage and basement from a week of rain that Noah would nod knowingly at.  Not being one of the 100,000 families affected in low lying areas I can sit and write a blog post.   I’m also deeply grateful for outpouring of support.

I talk a lot about building relationship with influencers.  How to get into a “cycle of reciprocity” with influencers in your community;  the importance of finding people you truly admire and getting into relationship with them.

There’s only one point I want to make today.  Don’t forget the human moments.  Sometimes knowing you have friends out there who care is the thing you most need.

Thanks for all the hugs today.  On behalf of my community they are deeply appreciated.