Has your BS meter started going off more frequently?  Have you noticed that most of the new top movies are about telling it as it is, with no sugar coating?  Reality TV has become the norm in the last several years.

There’s no hiding it, in this societal cycle, authenticity is the dominant currency of the day.   Marketing strategies of the past not only no longer fly, they’re likely to work against a company.   Buzz phrases like “Best ever”, “Act Fast” or “Deal the Century” are now seen as inauthentic hype to be avoided at all cost.  Unless you’d like to be the subject of mockery on The Colbert Report, hype is out.

Michael Drew, author and editor of “Beneath the Cover” is one of the top experts on platform building in North America.  Three tips from Michael on marketing with integrity and authenticity:

  1. Deliver exactly the experience you promised your customers
  2. Ask yourself, how I can authentically help society.  When people know what your primary service to the world is, they will connect with you far more easily.
  3. Use raw and unscripted testimonials.  Too much polish can now be seen as glitz.