It was -40 with the wind chill in Calgary yesterday. My usual routine of waking up and heading to the pool was met with shovelling and struggling with my frozen garage door.  Yes, my quaint little post-war house includes a 47 ton garage door that likes to kill any opener that’s attached to it.


The good thing about all that? It confirmed what they say about weather is true. Talking about the weather is one of the great glues that binds us together.


Yesterday, in a fit of self-pity  I posted a plea on Facebook for news of anywhere warm in the world.  I got responses from people I didn’t even remember were my Facebook friends.  Not only did it cheer me up; it reminded me that the simple conversations are what bind us together.  When I worked in industry, expressing concern for each other in the elevator after people braved the elements was probably the single greatest source of getting to know your fellow co-workers.


Not surprisingly, the same is true on social media.  The ability to influence people goes hand in hand with how much they like you. So being human with them is a foundational step.


Today’s tip  – talk about the small stuff.  It’s a lot bigger than you think.

(And I’d love to hear your strategies for staying warm…)


Teresa de Grosbois is and international speaker who speaks on the tops of word of mouth and influence