Games are for kids, right?  

Well if you’re wanting to really get your social media game rockin’ Empire Avenue is well worth your time.  It’s an on-line game played by the likes of Randy Gage, Shawne Duperon and Chris Pirillo.  It was just recommended to me a few weeks ago and already I can see the huge advantages.

Empire Avenue mimics a stock market, except you buy and sell stock in each other. And your dividend is set by how active and effective you are at engaging in social media.  When you have enough money, you can set “missions” – asking people to help you generate on social media.  And, get this, you get to pay them in Eaves, Empire Avenue’s game money.

Game money!  Seriously.

This game is not only a great way to measure whether you’re being effective in social media, it’ll seriously help you generate. Five minutes a day. That’s all you need. Here’s a video I made to help my students understand the game.   How to Win at Empire Avenue.  If you’re inclined to try it out click here.

(BTW, When you click this link and sign up, they’ll give me $2000 Eaves. So let me know and I’ll use it to buy your stock.)