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All the world’s a mirror.  Every universal laws expert you meet will tell you that what you give out, you attract back.

You want love?  Give love. You want respect?  Give respect.

Influence is no different.  To get influence you have to give it. Because lets face it.  You can’t make yourself famous.

Unless, of course, you’re the kind of person who would strip naked at an airport to protest airport security.  That will get you your 15 minutes of fame. It won’t get you influence.  Fame is simply having many people know you.  Influence is having many people know, like and trust you.  When you speak, they take action.  So fame would be Britney Spears. influence would be Martin Luther King.

You want influence?  Give it to others.  Then others can give it back to you.  Here’s 3 quick ways how:

1. Use your Facebook to give shout outs to others who work you respect. Tag those you’re promoting!

2.  Have somewhere to interview people – a blog, blogtalk show etc. And bring their content to your followers.

3.  Introduce people.  Connect influential people to other influential people by email.