How to stop needing money by Chris Cade 

A while back on Facebook, I posted the following quote from my friend Rikka Zimmerman:“You will have all the money you could ever spend when you stop needing it.”While there were several replies, the one which caught my attention most directly was this one from Vicki:

“This is my greatest challenge right now. If you have any insights on how to stop ‘needing’ money, please let me know… I understand that if I ‘need’ money I will attract back ‘needing’ money… So what’s the solution?”

For me, it’s helpful to remember that humans survived for centuries without money.

Animals today survive without it.

As do some intentional communities.

So it is *possible* to survive without money.

For me, recognizing that I *choose* for my lifestyle to include money helps me realize that money is not a need. It’s a desire. It’s a resource I choose to incorporate into my life. It’s a resource that supports me in living in a way that resonates with me beyond just my bare essential needs as a human being.

This perspective alone, if it resonates with you, will offer much to explore.

Run with it :)

Your Partner In Money Matters,
Chris Cade
Liberate Your Life

P.S. I recognize that I’m not going into the deeper energy and essence of money…

Nor am I looking at the societal and economical implications of the flaws in our current financial systems. Those are much deeper dialoges by which many books and dissertations have been written.

This is just a quick perspective on how we can explore our personal relationship with money.

P.P.S. I wrote this email from a healthy cafe…

Where I occasionally offer my time and business expertise in exchange for healthy organic food. While it’s true that both of our businesses use money as the primary exchange of energy, our relationship with each other shows that money is not required. It’s a choice we make as to how we exchange our energy (gifts, talents, time, etc).

Consider that food for thought… :)