Charmaine Hammond with fellow author Jack Canfield

Charmaine Hammond with fellow author Jack Canfield

Eight years ago, Charmaine and Chris Hammond bought a dog. They soon discovered that Toby was not just any dog.  Toby was a 200-pound, good-hearted one-dog demolition crew of a Chesapeake Bay Retriever.

Toby was a notable dog.  He could cheer up the most depressed person with his enthusiasm; he could lock himself in the bathroom and break a toilet tank lid when frightened; he could show great patience when confronted with a challenge; he could re-distribute the entire contents of a closet throughout a house if left too long to pine over his missing owners.

In short, Toby was a huge lovable handful!

Charmaine’s book “On Toby’s Terms” is a “can’t put it down, I laughed, I cried, I stayed up way to late reading it with the kids” kind of book.

But the quality of the book is not the reason I know it will hit #1 on New York Times.   It’s not even the fact that the book is being made into a major motion picture.  It’s Charmaine herself that is the reason I know, without doubt, that this book will hit #1.

Going pandemic and spreading what you do globally, is like starting a wildfire.  To start a wildfire you need three things, spark, fuel and wind.

Spark is your really great idea – that miracle you create in the world.  Charmaine’s spark is so massive it could light a fire in a rainstorm.  Charmaine is belief.  She believes in others so strongly that they can only succeed. Charmaine has dedicated her life to teaching this principle around the world.

Ask yourself – how different would the world be if everyone believed they could make a difference?  Charmaine has a big spark!

The fuel of the wildfire is the level of passion you put into what you do.   Strong passion, strong fuel, burns bright!  Think Mother Teresa, think Marin Luther King, think Charmaine Hammond!  Put Charmaine in front of any audience and you’ll see transformation. It’s no surprise that she could take a challenging dog and have him become one of the most famous volunteer dogs in Western Canada.

Finally, the wind in the wildfire is the influential people that talk about and spread your idea.  As influencers and connectors move your idea to other influencers and connectors, a pandemic wildfire spreads.

Charmaine Hammond is a founding member of the Evolutionary Business Council – an organization of influential thought-leaders dedicated to changing the world.  Charmaine has so generously supported other members of this council, that when she asked at a retreat for support in promoting her book, every single member of the room said “hell yes!”  In seconds Charmaine had a campaign around On Toby’s Terms that would have taken most influencers months to put together.

Want to have a first hand experience of a wildfire that will change the world?  Throw you support behind Charmaine Hammond.  When you watch the movie win the academy award for best picture, you’ll know the miracle you helped create!

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