Project Description

If you’re like me you attend an NSA chapter meeting ‘coz you want to see your friends, you want to connect to what’s been going on. And sometimes, the program really relates to you and then sometimes, you’re just cheering on the people that are there.

When Teresa presents a program, it’s wildly different from that. It really is Wildfire. She’s able to take the content, how you put your book together, how you get the publishing deal, how you reach those best seller lists. She puts it in a context that you learn from. She actually exemplifies influence from the platform. And that’s what really helped me in the workshop that I attended at the Central Florida chapter meeting. Not only did I get the nuts and the bolts in the content but I got in the example of influence and influence is what it means to be able to market your book. Thank you Teresa, I look forward to more programs with you and recommend you to all the NSA chapters especially the CSP’s , the seasoned professionals. You’ll benefit from the influence that you’ll see and the influence you’ll learn.