Project Description

Teresa is just the kind of person you want to book as a speaker when you’ve got an audience of speakers. As the President of London Professional Speaking Association, I am looking for people to come and wow my members, get them really enthused, excited and tell them exactly what they need to advance their careers and Teresa does exactly that. She talks on books, she knows books, she’s been a best selling author herself, she’s a genuine best selling author and she makes a point of actually showing people what is a real best selling author, one who’s really hit the criteria, rather than one who’s rigged the system. Our members in London were fascinated. One of the really interesting things was, she asked our audience, we had about 50 people today, and she asked the audience to put up your hand if you were doing a book or you already have a book out. Practically every hand went up. Being a speaker these days is almost synonymous with being an author and so we need as speaker bookers, for speakers, we need people like Teresa to get our members on the right track. And she does it with style, with verve and she makes it fun.