Do you know what micro-inequities are stopping you?

Daniel Gutierrez said something powerful to me this week  (actually he said a number of really powerful things, but this one really hit).   He talked about the minor differences between what you are saying and what your thoughts are generating in your emotions.  Bottom line – what’s coming out of your mouth may not be the way others are experiencing [...]

You’ll love this.

Think on that as your inner confidence and strength grow, manifesting more success and happiness in your life than you believed possible. That'd be special, wouldn't it? Now you'll understand why I couldn't wait to share this with you... because if you believe what you read in the newspapers and see on the television, you'd be forgiven for thinking "good [...]

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When Irish eyes are smiling!

She is beautiful at the age of 88 - right down to her soul.   When you meet her you know she loves learning because she will chat enthusiastically about any passion a visitor has.   Yet what I love most about her is her smile.   Marie grew up, the eldest child of Irish Canadian parents, on a rural Ontario farm.  She [...]

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Learn to Love yourself even more deeply this Valentine’s Day

Rebecca dreads the coming of Valentine's Day.  She can’t figure out why she can’t find Mr. Right.  She tries so hard to do all the rights things, but she keeps dating all the wrong men.  In fact her life feels pretty lousy all round:  she doesn’t like her hair,  she doesn’t like her look,  she doesn’t like her life.  She [...]

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On the twelfth day of Christmas I gave to the world, all of me – a law of attraction primer on moving from materialism to spiritualism

The feelings of shame as a child are still written in my memory; though I can look at them now with a fond smile.   I was always told to tone down my energy; to be careful not to over-whelm others.   After many years of trying to tone things down, I started on the road to becoming an inspirational speaker.   The [...]

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