I said no to two of them. Because I’m clear that free coaching is not a part of my business model. And when I get sucked into free coaching, I get sucked into overwhelm.

Overwhelm is born of fear.

You fear choosing the wrong path. You fear the consequence if you don’t do something. You fear someone will dislike you if you say no. You fear you’ll be a bad person, or think yourself a bad person if you don’t spend more time with your kids. You fear your own decisions. You fear you will not have enough money if you don’t keep working your ass off.

The truth is choice takes courage. Not only to choose a course of action, but un-choose the actions you will not take.

And lets face it. Courage is never tidy. You will make mistakes. There will be pain and you will suffer. So will those around you.

But to not have courage and to not choose will also be messy. There will be pain and you will suffer the absence of commitment to your chosen dreams. And those around you will also suffer watching you wither.

But when you choose a clear path, you choose courage, from that suffering will come growth.

And intimacy.

And victory.

Want to get rid of your overwhelm?